This is what we stand for

This is what we stand for

Our Election Manifesto

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow has 15,000 Fellows and Members across Scotland, the UK and internationally. Established in 1599, the College was and remains today, the only Royal College in the UK that brings together physicians, surgeons and other health professionals.

The events of the past year have placed a huge burden on our health service and all those who work in it. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to generate enormous challenges, we are proud of the vital part our membership has played in providing excellent patient care.

Although the pandemic brought the best out of our NHS and its staff, it has also highlighted and exacerbated the ongoing challenges that we have faced over the past few years.

There are key issues that need to be addressed urgently which are outlined in our Holyrood Election Manifesto and in our Election Manifesto for England and Wales.

Holyrood Election Manifesto Election Manifesto - England and Wales

President Jackie Taylor

My job is to be on your side

Founded in 1599 our College has existed to support the medical profession to deliver the highest possible standards of care for their patients. Today, as our health service faces great challenges, we are actively working to support our medical profession.

As an inspiring College community, we are standing up for your interests at work. Together we are demanding action to address workforce shortages and implement solutions to help reduce staff burnout.

Together we’re a force for good, determined to deliver positive progress for healthcare professionals. The challenges of working in modern medicine are complex and demanding. These have been made even harder by the COVID-19 pandemic. The profession needs a 21st century College up for the challenges of 21st century medicine.

Our community is made up of the expertise and experience of our fifteen thousand outstanding members. We are proud to say we are the only Royal College in the UK who welcomes healthcare professionals across the range of medical and surgical specialties across the UK and worldwide. We are a truly multidisciplinary organisation working together as one to build a better health service for all.

Add your voice and help us speak up for the profession. Work with us to deliver positive progress for the healthcare profession. We are on your side.

Who we are

We are a worldwide community of inspiring health professionals working together to advance our profession and improve patient care.

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What we do

Over the past year we’ve made great advances in professionalising our approach to engaging more effectively with government, parliament and the wider health sector.

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Join Us

Add your voice and help us speak up for the profession. Work with us to deliver positive progress for the healthcare profession.

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