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Health Inequalities

The health inequalities in our society have been both highlighted and exacerbated by the covid pandemic. People from more deprived and lower socio-economic backgrounds around the world have been more likely to die from the disease, and less able to access vaccinations. There is a need to do things differently – to ensure that individual health and wellbeing is prioritised over economic wealth.

Six key measures to help reduce health inequality have been identified:


Ensuring that everyone has income at a level that supports healthy living, through policies such as progressive taxation and guaranteed minimum income


Ensuring that everyone has access to a high-quality education and that any barriers to high educational attainment is removed for all groups


Improving access to active transport


Addressing the societal damage of drug and alcohol misuse


Health impact assessments integrated into government policy making


Investment in digital resources, particularly for the most isolated in our society

Key priority areas

Workforce Recovery and Transformation
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Climate Change and Sustainability

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