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Physicians Membership


Our members are a worldwide community of inspiring health professionals working together to advance our profession and improve patient care. Together we’re a force for good, determined to deliver positive progress.

Why join?

Membership opens opportunities to get involved in activities that will help you to develop your competencies and skills in areas that interest you, while also getting to know your peers through networking and sharing knowledge. You will gain access to a wide range of membership benefits, and discounts on clinical skills courses and conferences, non-clinical skills courses and conferences, and eLearning.

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Foundation Year Doctors and Medical Students

Key benefits

We are pleased to provide a benefit program designed to provide you with sector leading career support and continuing professional development, and not to mention, save you time and money. We also provide tailored career support and continuing professional development so you can reach your full potential as a healthcare professional. Your key benefits include:

Membership Benefits

Free and discounted eLearning

Discounts on courses and conferences

College Communities and Networks

Supporting your career

Trainees Committee

The role of the trainees' committee is to inform and advise the College on key issues which directly impact trainees, and to contribute to discussions and activities around all aspects of College life.

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Buddy Scheme

The Buddy Scheme aims to provide trainees with a senior ‘Buddy’ who will be available for informal near-peer support and advice and to create a sense of belonging within the community.

Find your "Buddy"

The Medical Take

Join our hosts as they discuss clinical cases, non-technical factors, leadership and more in this podcast aimed at everyone who’s interested in looking after medical patients and improving their practice.

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Membership Fees


Band Rate
Scotland £510
UK £510
Rest of the World £235
Low Middle Income economies £170
Retired £75
Yr 1 Elevation (UK) £357
*Lifetime £799


Band Rate
UK £180
Rest of the World £131
Low Middle Income economies £105
Retired £35
MRCP/MRCS Year 3 £144
MRCP/MRCS Year 2 £117
MRCP/MRCS Year 1 £90


Band Rate
UK £75
Rest of the World £75
Low Middle Income economies £75
Retired £35


Band Rate
UK £15

*Note: Lifetime Fellowship requires a one off payment of £799.

Lifetime Fellowship

This exclusive package offers long-standing members the opportunity to pay a one-off fee of £799 in return for which you will retain existing membership benefits plus gain additional incentives as part of this elite group of senior Fellows. Additional benefits will include:

  • A certificate confirming your enhanced status and contribution to the College;
  • The opportunity to contribute to College-led consultations within our Policy Network.
  • You will no longer have to pay the annual retired subscription fee whilst ensuring you retain your links with the College.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A current Fellow in good standing
  • Have been in good standing for at least 10 years
  • Be over 60 years of age
  • Fully retired from clinical practice

Please contact for more information.

How to pay your membership fee

Direct Debit

If you have a UK bank account, you can pay by a single or monthly direct debit. The majority of our eligible members find this the most convenient way to pay.

Credit/Debit Card

You can pay by card online via the member dashboard.

Other Payment Methods

We encourage our members to pay by Direct Debit or credit/debit cards, but you can still pay your subscription fees offline. Payments done via cheque, bank transfer and BACS require more time to be processed and you may not have access to your benefits during that time.

Claim Tax Back

If you live in the United Kingdom, your annual subscription is an allowable deduction for Income Tax purposes. You can login to your dashboard and download a report from the My Receipts page.

Useful links

Dr Aung Khine

What motivates you in your career?

What motivates me in my career is how much more I can help other people by pursuing my own personal development. If, for example, I improve my skills and experience in looking after people with COVID-19, it translates into many of such people getting better or surviving under my care. The main reason I came to work in the NHS was because I wanted a first-hand experience of how things were being done in one of the world’s top-notch health services, and to see how much of it could be applied to my practice in one of the lowest-ranking healthcare systems in the world. (And yes, that experience made a huge difference!)

If you could change anything what would it be?

If only I could “change” anything (in terms of healthcare, I presume), it would be an NHS for every country in the world. But experience has taught me that there is only so much change we can bring about when it comes to the natural course of anything, be it an individual person’s illness or the destiny of a people. I would be content if I can “improve” things to the extent that circumstances allow for.

Dr Stephanie Indun James

What matters to you?

Equality, kindness, dignity at work and respect.

What motivates you in your career?

My patients and seeing them improving. Also my family back home of whom are dedicated to the calling of medical professions.

If you could change anything what would it be?

Equal service provision and open policy training for non-EU doctors working in EU hospitals. We are as passionate and capable like our colleagues. Being disadvantaged due to our different background and ethnicity should not be happening in this era of the world we living in.

Dr Sudipta Roy

What matters to you?

Professional ethics, compassion and love for Medicine.

What motivates you in your career?

The constant change and challenges in the profession and aspiration for learning and developments.

Dr Jennifer Mary Anne Burns

What matters to you?

Education and training of health care professionals and supporting career- long development.

What motivates you in your career?

Promoting better health care for older people

If you could change anything what would it be?

Redesign of services should focus on the needs of the older frail and disabled, services that work for this group will work for all and the NHS will be able to continue to deliver excellent care.

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