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Workforce recovery and transformation

Health services in many parts of the world are over-stretched due to workforce shortages, rising demand for services and difficulties in retaining staff. In Scotland, many consultant posts are unfilled, staff are reporting increasing levels of burnout, and there is a huge backlog of patients waiting for treatment.

There is an urgent need to address our workforce challenges, and to take time to better understand the reasons why so many healthcare workers choose to leave the profession.

Key areas we believe need to be addressed are:


Increasing the supply of medical professionals with additional medical school places


Increasing the number of places available through the medical training initiative


An ethical approach to international recruitment


Improving support and guidance for international medical graduates


Ensuring work plans and contracts provide sufficient time for consultants to deliver training and supervision


Ensuring trainees have adequate time and support to complete training


Developing a workforce strategy that delivers a plan that is realistic and achievable


An innovative and collaborative approach to transformation of services including integration of health and social care


Addressing the crisis in social care to enable patients to more easily move from hospital to the care service


Developing the roles of and training capacity for enhanced roles including nurse practitioners, medical associate practitioners and surgical care practitioners

Key priority areas

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Climate Change and Sustainability
Health Inequalities

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