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About Us

We are a worldwide community of inspiring health professionals working together to advance our profession and improve patient care. Many of us give our time freely to develop curricula, set exam questions, and contribute to the development of good health policy. The challenges of working in modern medicine are complex and demanding – the profession needs a 21st century College up for the challenges of 21st century medicine.

Our vision

To build an influential global community that enables our members to develop the skills, knowledge and influence to improve professional healthcare standards worldwide.

Our mission

We want to enable our members to achieve their full potential as healthcare professionals and give them an influential voice in the world.

Our values

With care and compassion at our core, our work is guided by our values.

  • Community: by working together, we enable all our members to succeed.
  • Inclusivity: by welcoming all with care, kindness civility and generosity we build mutual respect.
  • Innovation: proactively challenging current thinking and exploring new ideas.
  • Integrity: never compromising on our core purpose, our standards or our quality
  • Inspiration: leading by example to redefine best practice and effective change.

Our regulations and byelaws

Our people and activities

Speaking up for the profession




Climate Change and Sustainability

Global Health

Health Inequalities

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In April 2021, the College released it’s Holyrood Election Manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary elections which were being held on Thursday 5 May 2021.

The manifesto called on the next Scottish Government to urgently address several key workforce, wellbeing and educational issues.

One of the key asks of Government was to provide greater numbers of medical training places in Scottish medical schools for every year of the parliament.

After a successful campaign, in September 2021, the new Scottish Government announced that funding for 100 new training places would be provided in Scottish medical schools until 2026.

Our heritage

The College was founded in 1599, by the granting of a Royal Charter from King James VI. Our founding members set out to regulate and improve the standards of medicine, surgery and pharmacy in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Today, the College continues its mission to improve patient care around the world through education, training, and examination. The College’s heritage collections span over 6 centuries and are an excellent resource for exploring the history of medicine and the history of the city of Glasgow.

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