Global citizenship on the agenda for Scotland’s NHS

Medical professionals from across Scotland have gathered at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow today (Friday 2nd November) to participate in the first NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference. Held in partnership with the Scottish Government, the conference has brought together a wide range of surgeons, doctors, dentists, nurses and other health professionals in Scotland to take part in international opportunities to promote global health and global citizenship.

During the day, delegates will hear from projects as varied as a partnership between NHS Borders and the St Francis Hospital in Zambia, to how a project to support the donation of equipment to health projects in Uganda has made a positive difference to healthcare there.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Mike McKirdy, the College’s Director of Global Health welcomed the delegates, and set out the College’s vision for this work. He said:

“As far back as the days of the great David Livingstone and beyond, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow has had a long and proud history of supporting the development of health care in the developing world.
“Today’s event places this work firmly in the twenty-first century.
“This event will allow attendees to hear about the fantastic Scottish projects that are already underway, and set in place plans to develop this work in the future. The valuable work our NHS Scotland staff and volunteers are already involved in not only helps to reduce common challenges such as disease epidemics but also to provide mutual learning opportunities which produce a more reinvigorated skilful workforce.
“We’re grateful for the support and commitment that the Scottish Government have already shown for this issue, which has resulted in the establishment of the new Global Citizenship Programme and its associated Champions Network. That’s why we’re particularly delighted to be able work in partnership with the Scottish Government to host these champions amongst our delegates here today.
“With the commitment of our partners and the enthusiasm and professionalism of today’s attendees I look forward to a bright future for the global citizenship agenda here in the Scottish NHS.”


The Royal College of Physicians published the policy paper “Global Citizenship in the Scottish Health Service” in June 2017.

In June 2018 the Scottish Government launched the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme. The main aim of the programme is to encourage, support and nationally co-ordinate NHS Scotland staff and volunteers involvement in global health work. The Programme also aims to fulfil our international development commitment to our partner countries as set out in the Scottish Government International Development Strategy. A key tenet of that Strategy is to work in partnership with our partner countries, to harness and encourage the best of Scottish and in-country expertise in key areas like health that can benefit global development.


John Fellows

Public Affairs Manager

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