National Intravenous Fluid Improvement Programme 2018

Fellows and Members are invited to attend the launch of the National Intravenous Fluid Improvement Programme 2018, in College on Tuesday 6 February.

The event will be an opportunity to learn more about the positive work from NHS Fife and others within Scotland in improving IV fluid management and enable initial discussions towards a standardised approach to fluid management.

Correct fluid management of patients whilst in hospital is vital to ensure safe and effective outcomes. Poor fluid management can be associated with significant increase in morbidity and can be a contributing factor in mortality. Although guidance and recommendations on fluid management ( has been available for many years, there remains substantial clinical variation in its application both within and across hospitals in NHS Scotland. 

Work done within NHS Fife since 2014, led by Dr Marcia McDougall, to implement the guidance available, has shown improvements in fluid management, volumes of fluids prescribed per patient and bed days occupied by litre of fluid prescribed. Resultantly the overall hospital wide usage of IV fluids has decreased and saved approximately £80,000 per annum. Through education, training and the standardisation of fluid prescription charts there has been a significant impact on patient care. NHS Lothian and NHS Lanarkshire have since begun implementation of the programme across their acute sites.

Following discussions at numerous national forums it is clear that there is a keenness from clinical teams to share and learn from this approach and develop a national programme to support implementation and embed practice across NHS Scotland. 

To register for this event, please complete your details online.

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