ACCEA Clinical Excellence Awards 2016

The Department of Health has announced that the National Clinical Excellence Awards Round for 2016 will open on Friday 11 March and will remain open until 1700 on Monday, 16 May. If you are applying for a new award, or advancement of an award and wish to seek a supporting statement from College, please note the following:

Applications for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards are by self-nomination and must be submitted online direct to ACCEA before 16 May. If you wish to be considered for a supporting statement from College, you should also submit your forms to These will be considered by the College Distinction Awards Committee. You may also seek a supporting statement from College if you are applying for a renewal of an existing award.

Applications for New Platinum Awards are submitted via the College to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. To apply for a Platinum award, the relevant forms must be submitted to for consideration. If you are applying for a renewal of a Platinum award, you should apply directly to ACCEA. However, a supporting statement may also be sought from College for a renewal.

In all cases, please outline the activities you have undertaken on behalf of the College.

Application forms for 2016 will be available on the ACCEA website in due course. The number of forms you may submit is dependent upon the level of award applied for. Please read the Guidance notes for applicants before applying.

The deadline for submission to College for support for all levels of award is Monday, 4 April at 0900. Late submissions will not be accepted.

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