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Rest and Food Campaign

Access to basic rest and catering facilities for hospital staff has been highlighted in numerous reports as essential needs to ensure the wellbeing of both staff and the patients in their care. Despite this, many workplaces do not provide these basic facilities for staff. It is an issue that is frequently raised by our members as something that needs to be addressed.

Why this campaign is needed Get involved

Our Rest and Food campaign highlights the issue of staff lacking access to basic facilities at work and the impact this has on wellbeing. Fatigue and sleep deprivation poses risks to doctors and their patients. We all need rest and food to be safe and happy at work.

By speaking up and ensuring our voice is heard, we can influence change.

Access to rest and food is essential

Personal Impact stories

"In an organisation devoted to the treatment of the sick and their restoration to health it is absurd that the health needs of its employees should continue to be neglected as they are at present." The Care of the Hospital Staff, 1968

NHS quote
Hospital bed

"This is a photo of an on call room that doctors can book to stay in after on call shifts when they need somewhere to rest before driving home or stay between shifts. I stayed here between night shifts as the medical registrar during heavy snow. It's great that this is available however there are only two rooms (not available to all) and it does feel a bit like being admitted to hospital! A great start that could be made more inviting with a few small touches."

"The doctor's mess where I recently worked - a reclining chair and tea/coffee making facilities hugely appreciated on night shift - not something that can be found in every hospital."

Doctor break
Image of person holding the Going home checklist

"This going home checklist provided by NHS Lanarkshire is a wonderful example of simple support and mindfulness that can make a huge difference. It’s okay to leave work and turn your attention to home."

"We love these staff care banners from @StaffCareNHSL – focus on staff wellbeing is loud and clear." #Itsoknottobeok

Staff care banners
Kindness rainbow

"We love this kindness rainbow. A simple act of kindness can mean so much. The mental health foundation has lots of information on why #KindnessMatters."

"Bottles of water, chocolate and muesli bars provided for staff at University Hospital Wishaw. Fuel to keep energy levels up and water to hydrate, so important for wellbeing and performance."

Water and chocolate

"My daily delight has been this mountain of bananas freshly stocked in a cute wicker basket, with plentiful coffee cups and biscuits neatly tucked away in the cupboards”, Lydia Robb writes about the treasured space the mess at Ninewells hospital has become.

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Share your experience by completing this form, or joining in on Twitter using the hashtag #RestAndFood.


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