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Doctor Break
Water and Chocolate

Share your examples from a typical working day/shift. What rest and food was available or not, and how did you manage. Examples of the types of content you could provide are:

  • How many hours were you on your feet? Did you find a place to rest? If so, where?
  • Did you eat during your shift? Did you bring food with you? Or buy it somewhere in the hospital? What type of food is available to you? Hot/cold? Nutritious?
  • Did you rely on the kindness of others – what did this mean to you?
  • Any other examples that you believe may resonate with people and really bring to light the reality of working without access to basic rest and food and/or what a difference it makes when these services are provided.

The type of content that works well includes:

  • Short video pieces, which can be shot on your phone
  • Photographs that show where you rested/what you ate (please ensure your place of work or brands are not identifiable)
  • Written submissions that tell the story/experience in your own words

The style of submissions should ideally be personal – a first-hand account of your experience.

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