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Membership of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine demonstrates to peers and patients that you are committed to your continued professional development.

The standard and now preferred route to membership is through successful completion of the new Membership of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine examination (MFPM RCPS(Glasg)).

Experienced Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered practitioners with an outstanding verifiable record of podiatric medicine clinical, research and educational achievement may also apply for membership. To apply for membership through the non-examination route you must provide verifiable evidence of the following:

  • A minimum 5 years clinical practice (HCPC post registration)
  • A significant proportion of your work is centered on clinical practice in Podiatric Medicine
  • Your clinical practice is of a high standard
  • You have undertaken recognised postgraduate education
  • You contribute significantly to the standing of the profession

To apply, complete the application form, attach your CV and supporting evidence, providing the names of two sponsors, one of whom should also provide a statement of support.

Ideally your sponsors must know you both professionally and personally and be in a position to truthfully declare whether or not they are aware of any disciplinary or other issues which may affect your registration by the Health and Care Professions Council.

Your sponsors must either be a Fellow of this College or a Fellow of the College of Podiatry (Medicine) in London and able to vouch for the accuracy of the statements and evidence you provide.

For further information please contact

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Admission process

Applications for membership are considered by the Fellowship Committee four times per year where they will assess suitability and equivalence of qualifications and eligibility for membership.

All successful applicants will be required to pay both an admission fee (currently £180) and an annual subscription fee will be invited to attend a formal admission ceremony currently held twice a year in Glasgow.

Further information regarding the format of these events can be found by clicking on Admission Ceremony: essential information.

Following admission to College, Members are entitled to use the postnominal MFPM RCPS(Glasg). Please note this postnominal must always be used in full.

This is just one of many practical professional, educational, financial and lifestyle membership benefits which we offer to our Members.

For further information please contact

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