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The College has two clinical skills training facilities in Glasgow: The Macewen Clinical Skills Suite located in the College building on St Vincent Street, and the Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre (CASC) located at the University of Glasgow. Both facilities are licenced premises in relation to the use of cadaveric material.
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Macewen Clinical Skills Suite

An image of the inside of the Macewen Clinical Skills Suite

The Macewen Clinical Skills Suite provides two clinical skills laboratories, a clean wash area and a training room that simulates a clinical environment. The area can adapt to suit a range of courses and training provision at the highest clinical education standard. The labs are suitable for human cadaveric, animal simulation or clinical simulation training.
The Macewen Clinical Skills Suite can provide:

  • AV system with 70in wall mounted screens with audio and video interconnectivity between both laboratories with recording, streaming and playback capability from the Davies eLearning centre.
  • Changing rooms with locker and shower facilities
  • Independent scrub area
  • Teaching station with overhead camera and local usb recording capability.
  • 8 Stainless steel workstations
  • LED luminaire lighting in rooms
  • Training simulators including lumbar puncture model, ultrasound cvc insertion simulator, chest drain model and knee aspiration and injection trainers.
  • 17 basic surgical instrument sets
  • Various surgical trainers including 6 laparoscopic trainers, knot tying trainers and abdominal opening and closing trainers
  • Access to autoclaving facilities
  • Clinical fridge and freezer

Partnership opportunities are available.

Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre

Macewen Clinical Skills Suite

The Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre was established through the generous support of the William and Elizabeth Davies Charitable Foundation. It is a unique facility designed to provide innovative and challenging education and training for physicians, surgeons, dentists and other allied health professionals. CASC is based in the Laboratory of Human Anatomy in the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (CMVLS) at the University of Glasgow.

CASC has been purpose built with the highest specification equipment available today and offers an unsurpassed level of training. Professionals trained at CASC are at the forefront of a constantly changing occupation and capable of delivering the highest standards of care to their patients. CASC provides:

  • 2 bespoke stainless steel surgical anatomy tables
  • 8 theatre tables
  • Table fitment for procedure specific cadaver positioning
  • 10 Stryker HD laparoscopic stack systems
  • 5 diathermy units
  • 1 X-Ray C Arm Ziehm System
  • 20 Lead Aprons and thyroid shields
  • 10 bespoke instrument trolleys
  • A wide selection of the highest quality surgical instruments
  • 20 bespoke storage cabinets A 42-inch wall mounted high definition monitor that can be connected to endoscopic equipment, external cameras and other devices as required.
  • High definition inputs endoscopes, external cameras, and other devices
  • High definition screens and projectors

If you are interested in hiring our clinical skills facilities for your own courses, please contact us.

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