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JRCPTB newsletter June 2013

01 Dec 2015

The latest edition of the JRCPTB newsletter is out. In this issue: From the medical director: Shape of Training/CMT initiatives/WPBA pilot update Post-CCT Fellowships to be developed ePortfolio app is launched MRCP(UK) exam – number of attempts Specialty recruitment update CPD RCPE medical evening updates RCPL medical careers day Collegiate membership – RCPE From the […]

The latest edition of the JRCPTB newsletter is out.

In this issue:

  • From the medical director: Shape of Training/CMT initiatives/WPBA pilot update
  • Post-CCT Fellowships to be developed
  • ePortfolio app is launched
  • MRCP(UK) exam – number of attempts
  • Specialty recruitment update
  • CPD
  • RCPE medical evening updates
  • RCPL medical careers day
  • Collegiate membership – RCPE

From the medical director

Shape of Training
  • I referred to this in the January newsletter as the big news event in postgraduate medical training for 2013. There were more than 400 written submissions to the panel, and several common themes emerged from the physicians’ submissions:
  • The patient must be at the centre of all plans
  • There will be a need for more generalists to deal with multisystem disease in an elderly population, and more training in geriatrics and the community
  • Core training might be increased, perhaps by incorporating the F2 year, while also increasing the numbers doing broad-based programmes
  • Universal rejection of the idea of fast-track generalist CCTs, but acceptance that the majority of physician trainees must dual train in general medicine and continue to work in this specialty
  • Acceptance that more specialised training should be delivered by post-CCT fellowships or credentialing
  • The need to address trainee workforce problems compromising the delivery of acute medical care, and to correct the geographical imbalance of the trainee workforce.
The role of Colleges in Quality Assurance of training, and the impact of the Francis report

The GMC started an initiative to review the Colleges’ role in the quality assurance of training in October 2102, anticipating the Francis report, which has required increased College involvement in Deanery quality management visits funded by the service/DH, with Trusts required to facilitate the participation of professional staff in visits. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and Conference of Medical Postgraduate Deans (COPMeD) are in the process of convening a working group to make recommendations for the involvement of Colleges in the quality management/quality assurance process.

Core Medical Training

CMT has been a major focus of our activity in 2013, with a number of initiatives launched:

  • Quality Standards
  • Simulation Training
  • CMT post numbers


Workplace-based Assessments

Partly as result of the staff changes referred to below, we have had to agree that the WPBA pilot in 2013/14 will continue in the three deaneries and ten specialties originally identified, instead of rolling out locally to all specialties. Questionnaire and focus group evaluation of trainees, supervisors, and ARCP panel members will take place in July, followed by analysis of ePortfolio educational outcomes in August.

Staff changes in JRCPTB

I am sorry to say that my Deputy Director colleague, Liz Berkin, has decided that the time has come to finish her work with the JRCPTB Liz will be leaving in August and demitting from her role as clinical lead of RCP London recruitment shortly after. As we go to press, I am pleased to announce that we have just appointed Dr Alastair Miller to be the new Deputy Director. I am also sorry to have to report that two of our key managers; Hannah Watts and Stephen Beglan, are leaving to take up posts with the GMC. .
Professor Bill Burr

Accredited post-CCT fellowships to be developed by JRCPTB

In a healthcare environment that calls for formal independent quality standards together with an emphasis on improving the quality of patient care and the professionalism of medical practitioners, there is a growing need to employ a medical workforce with general and specialised skills and the flexibility to re-train in new techniques and adapt to changes in the healthcare setting. To meet this need, the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB), working with the three colleges, has launched a new project to develop RCP-accredited post-certificate of completion of training (CCT) fellowships.

ePortfolio update

ePortfolio app

We have just launched the first version of the JRCPTB ePortfolio app. This version allows completion and management of requests for assessment, plus completion of reflection forms from all types of phone and tablet PCs. .

ePortfolio Performance

Recent analysis of the performance of the ePortfolio shows that the system is at least 60% quicker on fulfilling page requests since it moved to Cloud at the end of 2012.


An updated ARCP will be released which contains the COPMeD agreed questions about incidents and concerns to support trainee revalidation.

MRCP(UK) examination

Number of attempts: MRCP(UK) & Specialty Certificate Examinations

At the request of the GMC, the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is introducing a policy to meet the GMC requirements to set a maximum number of attempts at which a candidate may take each separate part of an examination.

Specialty recruitment update

Core medical training – CT1

Round 1 recruitment for CMT and ACCS-AM is now complete. 2747 candidates applied for 1457 vacancies, i.e. 1.9 candidates per post. These numbers were similar to previous years.

Higher specialty training – ST3

The first round of RCP London co-ordinated recruitment ( ~90% of ST3 posts) is underway, with interviews in progress. All 16 specialties coordinated by RCP London have moved to a single application per specialty process.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians provides an online CPD diary to help members, fellows and all other registered post-training physicians maintain a personalised and validated record of their CPD activities on an annual basis.

RCP Edinburgh Evening Medical Updates: free CMT-linked events linked live around the UK

The RCPE Evening Medical Update programme of events covers the top areas of presentation within the CMT curriculum.

RCP London medical careers day – 21 September 2013

The Royal College of Physicians, London has organised its second RCP Medical careers day – a dedicated careers conference and exhibition designed to offer expert careers advice and guidance to core medical trainees. .

Collegiate membership – Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) offers a wide range of benefits to trainees wherever you practise. This includes access to our online learning portal (containing a wide range of specialty and general medical content), free access to the CPD for Physicians scheme (value £125), discounted attendance at RCPE events and the opportunity to pay your JRCPTB fees in annual instalments alongside our membership subscription.

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