Burjor Langdana

Programme Faculty

Image of Burjor Langdana


Burjor is one of the consultant dentists for the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit and faculty member at Expedition & Wilderness Medicine. He is also the resident expedition dentist for AdventureMedic. Burj has years of experience in Expedition/ Wilderness and Remote Access Dentistry. He gained this interest while running numerous dental camps in remote parts of India (where he did his Masters in Oral Surgery) and while working in the Sultanate of Oman. He gained further experience through supporting 4 seasons in the Antarctic, working as a VSO dentist in Malawi and with Mobile Surgical Services in New Zealand.
He has published numerous articles about this subject in AdventureMedic, and the dental section of the competency guides for remote health care practitioners and expedition medicine. He is also the contributing author and editor for the dental chapter in the new Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. In addition, he has lectured extensively on this subject and supported many expedition medics with phone and email advice.
His main passion these days is to train medics in the dark art of Expedition Dentistry through intensive but interesting hands on workshops.

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