Faculty of Dental Surgery Annual General Meeting and Elections

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Faculty of Dental Surgery has taken place on Friday 21 October at 4.15 pm.

Please follow the links below for information relating to the meeting and the call for nominations to fill vacancies on the Dental Council:


The following nominations have been received for the current vacancies on Dental Council:

Serving Office Vacancies Nominations Candidates
Vice Dean 2 2 Prof Jeremy Bagg
Dr Christine Goodall
Honorary Secretary 1 1 Dr Helen Patterson
Ordinary Councillor 3 3 Dr Colwyn Jones
Dr Heather MacRitchie
Mr Donald McNicol
Regional Councillor outwith Scotland 2 3 Mr Nathan Brown
Dr Norah Flannigan
Regional Councillor (Grampian, Highlands & Islands ex Argyll, Tayside) 1 1 Mr Graham Orr

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