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Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation - eLearning module

Healthcare professionals providing pre-travel consultations should routinely consider the risk of FGM for female travellers. National guidance states that a question about FGM should be included in all routine pre-travel risk assessment questionnaires. Routinely considering FGM risk extends further than simply asking a question on a risk assessment form; it relies on practitioners having adequate knowledge and comprehension of FGM that they are confident to apply in practice. This eLearning module helps health care professionals identify those at risk of FGM, and sets out practical ways you can discuss this sensitive subject with your patients.

This module is free to access for all. The module will not record your progress but may be navigated using the main menu.

This module is free to access for all, and may be accessed now using the link below. The module will not record your progress but may be navigated using the main menu.

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The module provides approximately 1 hour of online learning. Please note however if you wish to claim a certificate of completion for this module, you must register for a website account, and complete the certified version of the module instead. This version can be found here.

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