Part 1 & Part 2 Written Update

MRCP(UK) Written examinations in 2022 will continue to be delivered entirely online using a proctoring service via the Surpass assessment system. This is available for candidates within the UK and Republic of Ireland. Read more here.

Part 2 Clinical (PACES) Update

We are pleased to announce that the PACES examination in the UK will revert to the pre-COVID, five station, format from the 2022/2 diet. This means that there will no longer be a two mini cycle format, and all stations will be run on a face-to-face basis. The change back to the standard carousel will allow MRCP(UK) to increase the number of examination places offered, and the range of candidates that we are able to accommodate in the examination.

In addition, candidates are asked to note the change in the prioritisation criteria for allocating spaces in this diet. Full details are given in the PACES UK 2022/2 Prioritisation Criteria update here.

In order to maximise the number of examination spaces, some centres will be running cycles for six (rather than the usual five) candidates. This will mean that candidates will still be assessed in the normal five stations but that there will be a sixth “rest” station during their examination, and that the total time of the examination will therefore be increased by around 30 minutes in these centres. Candidates will be informed whether they will be in a five or six candidate cycle when they receive their centre allocation. The General Medical Council has authorised introduction of the six station model following analysis conducted by MRCP(UK) on delivery of PACES during the pandemic. This demonstrated that the recent changes to the format of PACES had no impact on delivery or examination outcomes in comparison to previous trends.

Applications for the 2022/3 diet open on Monday 18 July 2022 for one week.

We strongly recommend that candidates keep monitoring the MRCP(UK) website for further updates as well as social media.


Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom


We work together with partner colleges in the UK in the development and delivery of the Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians examination.

The MRCP(UK) examination plays an essential role in the continuing professional development of physicians in the United Kingdom and abroad. For physicians training in the UK it is a pre-requisite for those wishing to undergo training in a medically related specialty. For those working outside the UK, it plays an important role in measuring levels of attainment.

The aim of the MRCP(UK) Examination is to identify those physicians who, having undertaken a period of general training, have acquired the necessary professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to benefit from a programme of higher specialist training with confidence and enthusiasm.


You can choose to apply to sit Part 1, Part 2 Written and Part 2 PACES examinations through the Glasgow, Edinburgh or London Colleges.Our college, here in Glasgow, is centrally located in the city with good local, national and international transport links.

Our experienced staff members are responsible for all stages of candidate administration from application through to results, appreciate the issues facing candidates and are happy to offer support to those sitting in any of our examination centres.

We welcome all enquiries, made in person, by letter, by email or by telephone. You are invited also to visit the College to discuss any aspect of your application or the examination itself.

You can access information regarding the Examination, including Examination Regulations, at:

Examination centres

You can apply to our College to sit examinations in the following centres:

Part 1

Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds, Liverpool

Part 2 Written

Glasgow and Belfast

Part 2 PACES

Varying locations throughout Scotland and at centres in England and, on occasion, Northern Ireland

Award of Diploma

When you pass your final Part 2 examination and are eligible for award, you will be invited to attend an Admission Ceremony at the College to collect your diploma.

Membership of the College

We are keen to involve you in College life; you are able to join the College and make a contribution before you have passed the examination. Once successful, in addition to award of the MRCP(UK) diploma, you will be invited to take up Membership of the College. In joining us here in Glasgow, you will be part of a growing membership committed to ensuring high standards of medical practice through assessment and continuing professional development. Benefits include access to our extensive continuing education programme and programme of travelling fellowships, supporting visits to clinics, courses and meetings overseas.

Read more about on our membership categories, learn how you can contribute to College life and see the benefits offered.

For information on upcoming examination dates and examination fees please visit

How your exam fees are used

Trainees are valued members of our College and we are committed to supporting their personal and professional development as the future of our profession. Our College has a vibrant and dedicated Trainees Committee, operating on a UK wide basis, that works to promote the interests and wellbeing of trainees.

We reduce the cost of training by offering significant discounts on education. For example, Trainee members can save over £170 on the IMPACT course and over £200 on our Advanced Certificate in Clinical Education.

We also sponsor a number of trainee events in hospitals through our dedicated Membership Engagement team and our network of UK Regional Advisors and College Tutors, which provides invaluable support to our trainees locally. We run assimilation programmes, in conjunction with NES (NHS Education for Scotland) for international medical graduates, who are new to working in the UK and the NHS, and we offer free membership to refugee doctors, as well as medical students. Finally, our College has one of the most generous scholarships and awards schemes in the UK, which always attracts a lot of interest from our trainee members.

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