Following our announcement in January that the MFDS Part 2 examination would not take place in February 2021, MFDS Management can confirm that the next MFDS Part 2 examination will take place in May 2021. The May 2021 MFDS Part 2 will be delivered in-person, maintaining social distancing, and the exam format will be the same as in November as previously announced to candidates.

To register on our November MFDS Part 2 diet please register here. As before, the diet will take place in both Glasgow centre and Manchester centre.

The MFDS Part 1 closing date for April 2021 has passed however we are currently accepting applications for the October 2021 diet. The closing date for applications for the MFDS Part 1 exam will be 30 July 2021. To register on the exam please click here.

Membership in Oral Surgery

Membership in Oral Surgery (MOral Surg)

  • Tri-Collegiate examinations

    The College's Dental Faculty is collaborating with the Dental Faculties of the Colleges in Edinburgh and England in the running of tri-collegiate specialty membership examinations. Each examination is administered by one of the Colleges, on behalf of all three. Applications should be sent directly to the administering College - further information is available on College websites.

    College Membership

    Those wishing to become a Member of the Dental Faculty of our College will be invited to do so on successful completion of either a bi-collegiate or tri-collegiate examination. Please indicate that you wish to join our College on the examination application form.

    Joining the Dental Faculty will give you access to a wide range of membership benefits.

    Before applying for this examination, ensure you have read and understood the supporting documentation including the examination regulations.

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