The Medical Take

Join Arrianne Laws (Consultant Physician), Daniel Lynagh (Specialty Registrar), Laura Gillespie (Consultant Physician) and their guests as they discuss clinical cases, non-technical factors, leadership and more! The Medical Take is the new fortnightly podcast series from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, aimed at everyone who’s interested in looking after medical patients and improving their practice.


Episode 1 - Chest Pain
Thursday 13 May 2021

A clinical presentation we’re faced with multiple times a day, which has almost as many possible causes. We talk about how to tease those apart.

Episode 2 - Feedback in the Clinical Environment
27 May 2021

We’ve all been asked for feedback and not known what to say beyond a generic ‘no concerns’, ‘gain more clinical experience’ response. We’ll talk about why doing better matters, and give you tips on giving good-quality feedback.

Episode 3 - Acute Kidney Injury
10 June 2021

The creatinine is rising, but you don’t know why. We can help! From initial management to trying to figure out who needs something more sophisticated than a urinalysis checked, we guide you through this everyday clinical problem.

Episode 4 - Giant Cell Arteritis
24 June 2021

A patient presents with raised inflammatory markers and a headache: what should you do? Is this just an older patient with a viral illness and sinusitis or are they in danger of losing their sight and need steroids ASAP? We discuss a case.

Episode 5 - Upper GI Bleeding
8 July 2021

We’re joined by a specialist to talk about the presentation, investigation and management of gastrointestinal bleeding. What does the generalist need to know?

Episode 6 - TBC
22 July 2021

Episode 7 - TBC
05 August 2021

Episode 8 - TBC
19 August 2021

Episode 9 - TBC
02 September 2021

Episode 10 - TBC
16 September 2021

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