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Emporiatrics is an open access, fully mobile device friendly educational hub of exciting content, not only suitable for any travel medicine practitioner, but anyone who loves travelling as well. The Autumn/Winter 2022 edition of Emporiatrics is available now – please click below to access the 7th digital edition.

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The Faculty of Travel Medicine is leading the way in helping to raise standards of practice and achieve greater uniformity in provision of services in order to protect the health of the traveller. We support all travel medicine practitioners; both medically and non-medically trained, promoting CPD education to raise standards. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member please click here.

Summer 2023

Emporiatrics - Summer 2023

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Autumn/Winter 2022

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2022

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Autumn/Winter 2021

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2021

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2021

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2021

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2020

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2020

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2020

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2020

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September 2019

Emporiatrics - September 2019

Read Emporiatrics
February 2019

Emporiatrics - February 2019

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Autumn/Winter 2018

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2018

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2018

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2018

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2017

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2017

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2017

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2017

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2016

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2016

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2016

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2016

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2015

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2015

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2015

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2015

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2014

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2014

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2013

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2013

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2013

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2013

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2012

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2012

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2012

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2012

Read Emporiatrics
Spring/Summer 2011

Emporiatrics - Spring/Summer 2011

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2011

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2011

Read Emporiatrics
Autumn/Winter 2010

Emporiatrics - Autumn/Winter 2010

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