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Examinations and Assessment

MFTM Part A and Part B Examinations

In early 2019, the Faculty agreed to pause the FTM MDTM course in its current format. A strategic review group has been formed to progress considerations of our educational offerings in travel medicine.

Further to that agreement, the College has also decided to defer offering the MFTM Part A and Part B examinations at the current time.

At the conclusion of the work of the strategic review group, those who have expressed an interest in the course/exam will be contacted, and further information will be posted on the website.

In the meantime, any enquiries regarding examinations may be made to the Examinations team by email -

The College runs two examinations for the Faculty of Travel Medicine - Membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine and Diploma in Travel Medicine.

Membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine

Part A Part B

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