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Help with Claiming Expenses

Zetadocs Expenses enables users to submit their expense claims via a dedicated website or using their mobile devices. The software allows users to create Expense Claims for each type of expenditure incurred while travelling on College business and combine them into a monthly Expense Report that can be submitted to the College for approval, processing and payment.

Receipts can be scanned and attached to the online claim. Alternatively, users may take pictures of receipts with their mobile devices and attach these images to their Expense Claims.

Please follow the instructions included in the process documents and video tutorials saved on this website to start using the new system to submit your expense claims for processing and reimbursement.

Important - expense submission is a two-stage process:

  1. New Expense - create and save expense claims
  2. New Report - add saved expense claims to a report and submit for processing
Help with expenses

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Create New Expense Claim

Submit Expense Report

Create Itemised Expense Claim and Submit Report

Data Protection Notice

The following personal information will be securely stored within the expense system website with the sole purpose of facilitating expense reimbursement and distributing automated status notifications: name and email address. Users' postal addresses and bank details, which are required to make expense payments, will be held within our systems in-house, behind appropriate firewalls and securely protected. This information will never be shared with a third party, with the exception of facilitating expense payments through our bank. User data will be deleted from the system after twelve months of inactivity.

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