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Regional Advisors

Our network of regional advisors and college tutors are a local point of contact for our members around the world. They can provide advice on membership, education and examinations to anyone interested in finding out more about our College, and connect you to new opportunities and people to support your career. Search below to find your local regional advisor or college tutor.

Name Country Location Faculty Email Biography
Abdul Majeed Pakistan Lahore Surgeons
Abhay N Datarkar India Nagpur Dentistry View
Abraham Wai Hong Kong Hong Kong Physicians
Adam Shakir England Thames Valley Surgeons
Ahmad Shiraz England North West Physicians
Ahmad Shuja Khan Pakistan Lahore Physicians View
Ahmed Naeem Atiyya Aly Ahmed Egypt Cairo Surgeons
Ajit Mullasari India Chennai Physicians
Alan MacDonald Scotland Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Physicians
Alex Leung England London Travel Medicine View
Alistair Brown Scotland Hairmyres Hospital Surgeons
Amanda Willis Northern Ireland Queen's University Belfast Dentistry
Amer Saleem England Thames Valley Physicians
Amir Shah Scotland University Hospital Crosshouse Physicians
Andrew Crumley Scotland Forth Valley Royal Hospital Surgeons
Andrew Edwards England Manchester Dentistry
Andrew Hill England London Podiatric Medicine View
Andrew Williams England Liverpool Podiatric Medicine
Angela Magee England Merseyside Dentistry
Anupam Sibal India New Delhi Physicians
Arumugam Muruganathan India Tirupur Physicians
Arun Iyer Scotland Monklands Hospital Surgeons
Ashfaque Memon Ireland Ireland Physicians
Asif Naqvi England Hull / Grimsby Physicians
Balakrishnan Mahesh England London Surgeons
Barry Quinn England Greater London Dentistry
Benjamin Perakath Scotland Dr Gray's Hospital Surgeons
Bharath Puttur England East of England Dentistry
Bryce Renwick Scotland Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Surgeons
Carol Watson Scotland Scotland West Surgeons
Catherine Sharp Scotland University Hospital Crosshouse Surgeons
Century Hin Kei Tsang Hong Kong Hong Kong (Central) Dentistry View
Chakraborty Rabin India Kolkata Physicians
Cheryl Shaw England London Travel Medicine
Chita Chowdhury England East of England Dentistry
Claire Langridge Scotland New Victoria Hospital, Glasgow Physicians
Craig Barclay England Manchester Dental Hospital Dentistry
David Cashley Scotland East of Scotland Podiatric Medicine View
David Liu Hong Kong Hong Kong Surgeons
David Wynne Scotland Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Surgeons
Dawn Coley England South East Travel Medicine View
Derek Baxter Scotland Royal Alexandra Hospital Physicians
Dominique Chan-Lam England Barnsley Physicians
Donald Greig Hong Kong Hong Kong Surgeons View
Edwin Devadoss India Bangalore Dentistry View
Emily Ball England Southampton Podiatric Medicine
Emma Cowley England Plymouth Podiatric Medicine View
Eng Ong England North Devon Surgeons View
Eric Livingston Scotland Scotland West Physicians
Feng Yi Soh Scotland Western Isles Hospital Surgeons
Fiona Irving Scotland East of Scotland Dentistry View
Fiona Main Scotland Scotland North Podiatric Medicine
Francis ONeill England University of Liverpool Dentistry
Garg Pramod Kumar India New Delhi Physicians
Giles McCracken England North East Dentistry View
Gloria Yu England London Physicians
Golam Yahia England Kent/Surrey/Sussex Physicians
Graeme Tait Scotland University Hospital Wishaw Physicians
Greig Taylor England Newcastle Dental Hospital Dentistry
Hala Mafouz Badran Egypt Tanta Physicians
Hamdi Hosni Hamama Egypt Mansoura Dentistry View
Hamzah Ahmed Scotland University of Dundee Dentistry
Hanan Said Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia / Egypt Surgeons
Haussam El-Enin Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Surgeons
Hisham Khalil England South West Surgeons
Hossam Kandil Egypt Cairo Physicians
Hrishi Bhaskar Joshi Wales Wales Surgeons
Iain McGraw Scotland Vale of Leven Surgeons
Ian Jones Scotland University of Aberdeen Dentistry
Ian Mathieson Wales Cardiff Podiatric Medicine
Imran Ahmad Scotland Scotland West Surgeons
Imran Ghanghro England Midlands Physicians
Iqbal Malik Scotland Ninewells Hospital Physicians
James Young Scotland Borders General Hospital Surgeons
Jane Bell England South East Travel Medicine View
Jane Hendry Scotland Scotland Surgeons
Jean Mooney England London Podiatric Medicine View
Jeyakumar Selwyn Scotland Forth Valley Royal Hospital Physicians
Jill Cundell Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Podiatric Medicine
Jim Bond Scotland Scotland East Travel Medicine
Jim Khan England Portsmouth/South of England Surgeons
John Doran England King's College London Dental Institute Dentistry
John Robertson Scotland Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy Surgeons
Jose Murio Scotland Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Surgeons
Julian Livingstone England London Podiatric Medicine
Kamran Ali England Peninsula Dental School Dentistry
Karen Hogg Scotland Glasgow Royal Infirmary Physicians
Karthik Maruthachalam Scotland Scotland South Surgeons
Keith McCormick England Southampton Podiatric Medicine
Kevin Chow Hong Kong Hong Kong (Central) Dentistry
Khalid Mahmood Pakistan Karachi Physicians View
Khurram Shahzad Khan Scotland Scotland Surgeons
Kodankandath Antony Shaju Ireland Republic of Ireland Surgeons
Kumar Periasamy Scotland Hairmyres Hospital Surgeons
Lam Tai Pong Hong Kong Hong Kong Physicians View
Lesley Hall Scotland Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Physicians
Lewis Winning Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Dentistry
Lynn Miller Scotland Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy Physicians
Madhulaxmi Marimuthu India Chennai Dentistry
Mah Muneer Khan Pakistan Peshawar Surgeons View
Mahesh Verma India New Delhi Dentistry View
Malcolm Brady England East of England Dentistry
Malik Salman Aziz Pakistan Rawalpindi Dentistry
Marie-Therese Hosey England Kent, Surrey and Sussex Dentistry
Mark Bailey England Midlands Travel Medicine View
Martin McGeough Ireland Ireland Podiatric Medicine View
Martin McIntyre Scotland Royal Alexandra Hospital Physicians
Mathis Heydtmann Scotland Scotland South Physicians
Mei Sze Lui Hong Kong Hong Kong Physicians View
Michael Paterson England North East Dentistry
Mike Lewis Wales Cardiff Dental Hospital Dentistry View
Moe Thaw Oo England West Midlands Physicians View
Mohamed Ahmed Lotfy Eldaly Egypt Cairo Surgeons
Mohamed Baghat Badawi Goweida Egypt Alexandria Surgeons View
Mohamed Ghanem Egypt Cairo Dentistry View
Mohammad Adil Usman Khan England North West Travel Medicine View
Mohammed Maqsood England East Midlands Surgeons
Muhammad Umar Pakistan Islamabad Physicians
Muhammad Zeeshan Aslam Scotland Ninewells Hospital Surgeons
Muzzammil Nusrath England South Yorkshire / East Midlands Dentistry View
Naeem Akhtar Scotland Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Surgeons
Nazia Yazdanie Pakistan Lahore Dentistry
Neil Mackenzie England Oxford / Wessex Dentistry View
Nervine El-Meshad England South West Surgeons
Nikhil Srivastava India Meerut Dentistry View
Nikki Mepham England London Travel Medicine View
P U Abdul Wahab India Chennai Dentistry
Paul Jackson England East of England Dentistry
Pauline Wilson Ireland Ireland Podiatric Medicine
Phillipe Ghibu Scotland Scotland West Surgeons
Ramachandran Ravi England East of England Surgeons
Raman Bedi England International Dentistry View
Rammohan Ashwin India Chennai Surgeons
Ravindra Nannapaneni Wales Wales Surgeons
Raymond Carson Ireland Ireland Physicians
Riaz Kakkuzhi Mappilakkandy England East Midlands Physicians
Richard Hull England Portsmouth Physicians View
Robert Sacco England Barts and the London Dentistry
Saad Abdulgahfour Ireland Ireland Physicians
Sam Allen Scotland Scotland Travel Medicine View
Sameh Shaheen Egypt Cairo Physicians
Samina Nayani-Low England London Dentistry
Sangeeta Misra England West / North Yorkshire Dentistry
Sanjiv Manjure England East of England Surgeons
Santanu Chatterjee India Kolkata Travel Medicine
Sarah Ali Wales Wales Dentistry
Sarah Curran Wales Cardiff Podiatric Medicine View
Sarah McKaig England West Midlands Dentistry
Satinder Bal Scotland Raigmore Hospital Physicians View
Segun Komolafe Scotland University Hospital Wishaw Surgeons
Shagmani Muftah England London Dentistry
Shanmugasundaram Rajkumar Scotland Royal Alexandra Hospital Surgeons
Sharon Graham England Midlands Travel Medicine View
Sohail Fazal Saudi Arabia Al Khobar Travel Medicine View
Stephen McNally Scotland Raigmore Hospital Surgeons
Stuart Watkins Scotland Golden Jubilee National Hospital Physicians
Stuart Whitelaw Scotland Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary Surgeons
Subash Gautam United Arab Emirates National Surgeons View
Sundeep Dhillon England South West Travel Medicine
Syed Ali Raza England North East Physicians
Sylvia Brown Scotland Inverclyde Royal Hospital Surgeons
Tabish Umer Chawla Pakistan Karachi Surgeons View
Taryn Hodgskin England Brighton Podiatric Medicine
Thomas Dietrich England University of Birmingham Dentistry
Vasu Rao India Bangalore Surgeons View
Victor Palit England Yorkshire and Humber Surgeons
Vijay Arora India New Delhi Surgeons View
Vineet Datta India New Delhi Physicians View
Vipin Zamvar Scotland Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Surgeons
Walter Yu Hang Lam Hong Kong Tsuen wan Dentistry
William Keys Scotland Grampian Dentistry
William McLean Scotland Glasgow Dental Hospital Dentistry
Yvonne Gibney England North West Travel Medicine View
Zahid Mahmood Scotland Golden Jubilee National Hospital Surgeons
Zay Htet England Kent/Surrey/Sussex Physicians

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