FRCS Ophthalmology Part 2 Multiple Choice Question Convenor


Founded in 1599, we are the only multidisciplinary Royal College in the UK and home to over 15,000 physicians, surgeons, dental surgeons and specialists in the fields of travel medicine and podiatric medicine.

College Strategic Goal, Purpose and Values

Our strategic goal is to be the ‘Go To’ Royal College with a stated purpose to inspire and nurture our members to deliver the highest possible standards of care for their patients through a forward looking, progressive approach to training, assessment, career support and professional development. To deliver this, we embrace the values of the College namely; inclusive, community, integrity, innovative and inspiring.

The external environment in which the organisation functions is diverse and dynamic with changes not only in the governance of medical education and assessment but also to charity legislation, all of which impacts on the governance of the College.

Notes to Applicants

If you would like to discuss the position further, please send your questions via Helen Waland by emailing

The College acknowledge this role can be shared with another clinician and would accept the appointment of Co-Convenors.

Applications for this post should be submitted via email in the first instance to:

Mrs E Mitchell
PA to Chief Operating Officer

by Monday 24 January 2022 at 12 noon. Applications should comprise a covering letter, outlining qualifications, personal qualities, suitability for this role and reasons for wishing to undertake this role, together with a full curriculum vitae. Interviews will be held via Microsoft Teams.

The College welcomes applications from those who have the necessary attributes for the post, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or ethnicity.

Data Protection

All personal information will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Role Specification

The award of the Diploma of Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow indicates that a candidate has a sound knowledge of the scientific basis of ophthalmology and is experienced in and competent at applying that knowledge to patients suffering from common ophthalmic conditions.

The Part 2 examination is currently offered twice a year.

Working under the guidance of the Honorary Clinical Registrar for FRCS Ophthalmology, liaising with the Examinations Unit, the Part 2 MCQ Convenor will be appointed to lead the Part 2 group and will represent the group on the FRCS Examination Committee. This role is an honorary position and is, therefore, not salaried. Allowable expenses are reimbursed.

Key responsibilities:

  • Creation and sign-off of two examination papers per annum each consisting of 180 multiple choice questions (MCQs) in relation to ophthalmic medicine and surgery, medical emergencies and general medicine and neurology with particular reference to Ophthalmology
  • Work closely with the Quality Assurance and Question Bank (QAQB) Manager to develop achievable timelines for creation of examination papers and delivery of standard setting meetings for each diet
  • Select multiple choice questions for each diet from the question bank, ensuring adequate coverage of the syllabus by adhering to the blueprint
  • During the proofreading stages of the examination paper compilation, complete clinical checks of questions in a timely manner as requested by the QAQB team, to ensure questions are current, clear and accurate
  • At each diet, sign-off the final version of the examination paper
  • As part of the post-exam process, review feedback received from candidates and work with the QAQB team and FRCS Committee to undertake actions as required
  • Work closely with the QAQB team on the arrangements for each standard setting meeting, providing clinical input and guidance as required
  • Lead two standard setting meetings a year with support from the consultant psychometrician and the QAQB team, ensuring best practice is followed to calculate a reliable cut score and make evidence-based decisions. In conjunction with the standard setting group review questions highlighted in the post-examination statistical report, and take decisions on questions to exclude from the paper or amend, ensuring fairness to candidates
  • In conjunction with the consultant psychometrician and QAQB Manager, ensure that appropriate quality assurance processes are adhered to and exam standards maintained when setting the pass mark for each diet
  • Review the post-examination performance report provided by the consultant psychometrician and assess any guidance given and actions to be taken, presenting areas for discussion at meetings of the FRCS Ophthalmology Committee and working with the QAQB team to address any areas for development
  • Working with the QAQB team, develop and maintain the question bank to support two examination diets per year, arranging support and input from the Examiner panel as required
  • Conduct gap analysis of the question bank as required to direct question writing activity and for onward report to the FRCS Ophthalmology Committee
  • Working with the QAQB team, arrange and attend a minimum of one question writing training sessions per year, presenting an overview of the question bank and supporting and encouraging the examiner panel to participate and submit questions
  • Review and develop draft questions submitted by examiners, working with group members and the QAQB team, prior to adding them to the question bank
  • Provide feedback to examiners as required on the quality of questions submitted, providing advice and guidance on developing question writing skills if necessary
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the question bank and exam papers
  • Review the blueprint for the Part 2 examination regularly to ensure it remains current with Ophthalmology practice
  • Work with the Honorary Clinical Registrar, Chief Examiner, Part 1 Convenor(s) and Part 3 Convenor(s) as required on relevant matters relating to the FRCS Ophthalmology examination
  • Attend the FRCS Ophthalmology Examination Committee and contribute to discussions regarding development of the FRCS Ophthalmology examination
  • Undertake other duties as appropriate

The Part 2 MCQ Convenor will act for a period of 3 years in the first instance. This term may be extended by a further period of up to 2 years by mutual agreement.

24 January 2022

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