Chair of the Scottish Surgical Simulation Collaborative


The Scottish Surgical Simulation Collaborative (SSSC) is a bi-collegiate group of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG). It has close ties to the Surgical Specialties Training Board (STB) of NES, established in 2012. It provides strategy and co-ordination for the proper integration of simulation into surgical training programmes in Scotland.

The group includes Training Programme Directors, Education Directors of both surgical Royal Colleges (Edinburgh and Glasgow), reps from the simulation centres including the Cuschieri Centre and the Scottish Clinical Simulation Centre, the Scottish Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network and other experts.

The objectives of the Collaborative are as follows:

  1. To identify the surgical simulation facilities available throughout Scotland and increase the profile and provision of surgical simulation in training;
  2. To identify surgical simulation needs of surgical trainees (with reference to curricula), surgical consultants, and the non-medical, peri-operative workforce;
  3. To develop syllabuses in cooperation with Specialty Associations and training programmes to fully utilise low, medium and hi fidelity simulation in both
  4. technical skills and human factors / professional skills;
  5. To estimate the level of simulation required to service this syllabus and to seek funding from appropriate sources;
  6. To provide advice on the co-ordinated use of surgical skills facilities throughout Scotland, and stimulate their development;
  7. To expand simulation-trained faculty base and provide faculty development, and encourage simulation delivery on an equitable basis in different parts of the country;
  8. To collect feedback on the provision of simulation in surgical training, encourage validation studies, and provide advice on changing needs;
  9. To organise meetings to raise the profile of simulation and enhance education engagement within the surgical training community; and
  10. To collaborate with colleagues outside Scotland.

The SSSC is looking for a new Chair to oversee its wide range of activities.
The time commitment is ca. 2 days a month. This is a non-remunerated post, although appropriate expenses will be reimbursed.


Members and Fellows of RCSEd and/or RCPSG are invited to apply for the position of Chair of the SSSC. Applicants are to be:

  1. In good standing with their College(s) of affiliation;
  2. Actively practicing surgery in their health service (or local equivalent);
  3. Demonstrably involved in surgical simulation;
  4. Approachable, communicative and un-biased; and
  5. In good standing with their regulator.


  • Chair three or four main collaborative meetings per year;
  • Chair subgroups or workstreams as required;
  • Coordinate the communication between meetings with members, ensuring the momentum is kept up;
  • Liaise with the NES Surgical STB, meeting four times per annum;
  • Liaise with the JCST Simulation working group, meeting three times per annum;
  • Liaise with the new NES “Simulation in Curricula” group; and
  • Take forward the group’s objectives as appropriate.


The following documentation must be submitted by Friday 30 August 2019 to Lindsey Lawson on

  • A full and up-to-date curriculum vitae;
  • A personal statement detailing how their skills and competences will allow them to be competent in the role and how they will contribute to the Surgical Simulation Collaborative; and
  • A signed note of support from the Chief Executive or Medical Director of their employing institution.


The appointment of the Chair will be made in the United Kingdom.

Applications will be assessed by a panel to determine the best candidate.

The name of the appointed Chair will be published by RCSEd and RCPSG, on their respective websites and in appropriate documents.


The Chair will be appointed for three years initially with the option of reappointment at the discretion of the Colleges.


The Chair may resign by giving two months’ notice in writing to RCSEd and RCPSG. RCSEd and RCPSG will in turn give the Chair two months’ notice where circumstances prevent the continuance of the post and the reasons for termination will also be given clearly in writing.
If the Chair does not satisfactorily meet the expectations of the Colleges, they will be asked to leave.

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