Diploma in Travel Medicine - Module 2

Module 2 topics are by self-learning with the course Units. Module 2 is examined in the written exam.

Topic 1: Providing a travel medicine service.

Topic 2: Asylum seekers and refugees.

Topic 3: Impact of tourism on host countries.

Topic 4: A perspective from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Topic 5: A perspective from the India sub-continent.

Topic 6: A perspective from South and Central America.

Topic 7: A perspective from South-East Asia.

Topic 8: Health problems associated with air travel (including motion sickness, jetlag, fear of flying and air rage).

Topic 9: Accidents and injuries experienced by travellers.

Topic 10: Swimming and sub-aqua diving.

How to apply

For an application pack for the Diploma in Travel Medicine please contact Lesley Haldane.

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