Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

During your working life, the balance between your commitments in and out of hospital may need to be adjusted to allow you to continue training but meet obligations that prevent a standard working week and whole time commitment. There are many reasons why a trainee may seek to alter that balance (caring for children, caring for an unwell adult, pursuing a sporting career at a high level, your own health) and the percentage of time you wish to work may also alter over time.

Training LTFT in surgery is feasible and the College is committed to supporting all trainees who wish to consider undertaking some or all of their training in this way.

We advise that as soon as you decide to explore LTFT as an option you should speak to your TPD and designated educational supervisor. Securing approval from the relevant bodies can take 3 months to put in place and is best started well prior to the intended period you hope to begin LTFT work.

Bear in mind that training over an extended period lengthens your training and alters your CCT date.

For further information you should consult this document published by JCST (link in here when it comes) on LTFT training developed in consultation with the College.

You may also wish to speak to someone who has trained LTFT and has experience of this. We have advisers with first hand experience of LTFT training and they are happy to provide further information and support.

Miss Nikola Henderson
ST8 Colorectal Surgery


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