UK Regional Advisor Network

To improve the support we offer our Fellows and Members, we have established a network of regional advisors across many parts of the UK. Our regional advisors will act as local contacts and will aim to offer a range of relevant services including:

  • local networking, education and training events
  • information on the range of examinations offered by this College
  • general advice on College membership and benefits

The names, locations and contact details for our regional advisors can be found below.

If you would like to become a regional advisor and help expand the network, email us for further information, enclosing a copy of your CV.


England Forenames Surnames Email Biography
Barnsley Dominique Chan-Lam Email
Hull / Grimsby Asif Abbas Naqvi Email
Plymouth Jamie Fulton Email Biography
Portsmouth Richard Hull Email Biography
Salford Arshad Majid Email
Sheffield Adewale Adebajo Email Biography
East Midlands Riaz Kakkuzhi Mappilakkandy Email
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland John A. Purvis Email

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