Double first for new Dean of Travel Medicine

Jane Chiodini MSc, RGN, RM, FFTM RCPS(Glasg) QN has taken up post as the new Dean of the College's Faculty of Travel Medicine. Ms Chiodini is the first woman and the first nurse to hold this position in the College.

Mrs Chiodini was elected to the post by Fellows and Members of the Faculty, and took office at the Faculty's Annual General Meeting yesterday (Thursday 4 October).

Speaking on taking office, Mrs Chiodini said:

"I appreciate what an honour and privilege it is to take on this three-year role as Dean of the Faculty of Travel Medicine, not least because I am the first female to do so, but also the first nurse.

"I think I'm also the first Dean of this Faculty to work exclusively in travel medicine full-time.

"Having spent the last twenty-eight years working part-time in general practice and advising travellers within that setting, I've constantly learnt from that hands-on experience. However, early this year I moved to a practice in a deprived area of London and so I appreciate even more the challenges we all face in delivering good standards of health care in today's climate.

"Those of you who know me well know my passion for education and standards in this field, which of course encompasses the same values within the mission statement of the Faculty of Travel Medicine.

"I promise to bring my commitment and loyalty to the College and the Faculty, and I will work my hardest within this new role to lead together with the new Executive Board. Together I very much hope we can make a positive difference."

Jane Chiodini studied travel medicine in the inaugural group at the University of Glasgow in 1995, obtaining a Masters degree (MSc) travel medicine in 1998. She has held leadership roles as Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Travel Health Forum and the Nurse Professional Group of the International Society of Travel Medicine and was a founding Executive Board Member of the BGTHA.

Involved in the Faculty of Travel Medicine (FTM) for the past 12 years, Jane was a founding Fellow and has held many roles including Board Secretary, Education and Professional Development Lead, FTM Director of Education, and is a lecturer, author and examiner involved in the FTM courses and exams. She introduced the biannual Faculty magazine, Emporiatrics, created the Travel Medicine eLearning Hub, and was the first author on the FTM's Recommendations for the Practice of Travel Medicine.

Jane Chiodini is pictured above with her predecessor as Dean Group Captain Andrew D Green.


John Fellows

Public Affairs Manager

+44 (0) 141 221 6072

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