ST3 Recruitment - Updated (11 May)

Update – Friday 11 May 2018

The College has now written to our Physician Regional Advisors and College Tutors to update them on progress with this issue. We would encourage any members who have been affected by this regrettable situation to contact their local College representative for support in the first instance.

Full contact details for our College Tutors can be found here.

Details of our UK Regional Advisor Network can be found here.

Update – Wednesday 09 May 2018

Our thoughts are with all trainees and their colleagues as they await notification of corrected scores and rankings following the issues around ST3 recruitment which became apparent over the weekend.

The ST3 recruitment office has advised that job offers will be issued tomorrow. Detailed information is available at and we encourage trainees to read the FAQ document and timeline provided.

We will continue to work with all the relevant organisations to influence the best possible outcome for trainees and endeavour to ensure no one is disadvantaged by the process.

Update: We have been advised that RCP London president Professor Jane Dacre and RCP London registrar Dr Andrew Goddard have emailed all candidates interviewed in round 1 of the 2018 process; the text of that email is replicated on the ST3 recruitment website here.

This afternoon, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow learned that all ST3 job offers in the medical specialties had been rescinded. This regrettable state of affairs has occurred as a result of an administrative error in the recruitment office in the Royal College of Physicians of London. We have been assured that they are making every effort to rectify the issue and that they plan to re-run the offers process next week. Read the statement here.

We understand that this may have serious consequences for many of those who had received offers and had made life decisions based on them. We also empathise with the emotional impact on those colleagues who had been told they were successful at competitive ST3 applications only to have that offer taken away. We now need to explore what the position is with respect to other applications and matching for other specialties.

Furthermore we regret the damaging effect that this will have on work to enhance recruitment to specialty training, and our efforts to support doctors in training who are already working in challenging circumstances.

It is inevitable there will be many questions and we will endeavour to assist in any way that we can. Enquiries should initially be directed to the recruitment office on but we would encourage you to raise further issues via the College Trainees' Committee -

Professor David Galloway
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

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