World class cardiologists gather in Glasgow

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the British Cardiovascular Society will welcome Sir Magdi Yacoub to Glasgow this week (Friday 9th March) to address an international conference of heart specialists. Sir Magdi, who is the Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery National Heart and Lung Institute at the Imperial College London and Founder and Director of Research at the Harefield Heart Science Centre has been responsible for establishing heart transplantation in the UK, carried out the first British live lobe lung transplant, and went on to perform more transplants than any other surgeon in the world.

Sir Magdi’s keynote speech will be the centrepoint of the Glasgow College’s Interactive Cardiology Symposium, which provides a forum where cardiologists and all medical and allied health professionals with an interest in cardiology will have the opportunity to meet and directly interact with renowned, world-class cardiology experts.

Speaking before the event, Dr Hany Eteiba, the Vice President (Medical) of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and President of the Scottish Cardiac Society welcomed Sir Magdi to the city, saying:

“It is an enormous coup for the and the British Cardiovascular Society to bring Sir Magdi Yacoub to speak at this prestigious event.

“Sir Magdi is one of the world’s great pioneering surgeons, and so we all have a lot to learn from his unrivalled skills and experience. His presence here is just another example of how our Glasgow College continues to play a leading role in in developing best practice in modern medical practice as we continue to lead the fight to promote .

Ahead of his visit, Sir Magdi Yacoub said:

"It is a great honour to be presenting at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow today"

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