New quality criteria for GIM and AIM Registrars

The JRCPTB and the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK, in collaboration with a broad range of partners, have created a new set of quality criteria specifically for the roles of GIM and AIM Registrars.

Like their predecessors for core medical training, which were implemented from August 2015, these new criteria were developed in response to longstanding concerns about the lack of educational opportunities and clinical support on offer to trainees undertaking demanding service roles.

The new criteria will begin to be integrated into all GIM and AIM training programmes from 1 August 2018. As per the core medical training quality criteria, they will be monitored via the General Medical Council’s National Training Survey.

An event to mark the launch of these new criteria will be held in London on the evening of the 7 March, from 18.00-19.15. The event will be livestreamed on the web.

For more information visit, or follow us on Twitter at @rcpsglasgow for further details on how to participate in this event.

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