Travel Medicine - The Big Picture

Travel medicine conference The Big Picture, on 8 June 2017, will look at some of the major healthcare challenges across the globe.

The conference is taking place as part of our fourth international triennial conference, Excellence in Healthcare. 

Conference Director, Jane Chiodini, gives an overview of what to expect from the conference:

Travel Medicine - the Big Picture does exactly what it says on the tin! The meeting will give a dynamic overview of bacteria,viruses and parasites that can cause significant impact such as Zika, hepatitis C, Ebola, malaria and the most common of all to the masses - travellers' diarrhoea. And if that wasn't enough, there are also venomous creatures to consider! Don't miss the opportunity to learn the latest updates from an experienced selection of speakers.

Watch Jane’s video: Travel Medicine – The Big Picture

Conference speakers are internationally renowned lecturers and travel medicine specialists, including:

  • Dr Jane Cunningham, Global malaria Programme, WHO
  • Professor Dilip Mathai, Apollo Insititue of Medical Sciences and Research
  • Dr Tim O'Dempsey, On secondment from LSTM to WHO in Sierra Leone
  • Dr Anna Checkley, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, UCLH

 As part of the conference, the winner of the 2014 Faculty of Travel Medicine Triennial Scholarship, Dr Sam Allen, will also be presenting his research carried out in Brazil on the zika related birth-defect.

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