Revised national guideline for peri-operative medicines

In September 2016, the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) published the first national guideline for the use of peri-operative medicines, the Handbook of Peri-operative Medicines.

The second edition of the handbook is now available, with endorsement from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the Preoperative Association.

Until publication of the handbook, there had been no national guideline in existence for the use of medicines in the peri-operative period. This resulted in varying practices across the country for the management of patients’ regular medicines during this time. 

Sophie Blow, Advanced Clinical Pharmacist specialising in Surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and project manager for the Handbook, said: "We hope that the Handbook of Peri-operative Medicines, developed collaboratively by clinical pharmacy experts working in the area of Surgery, will remove the need for individual local guidelines and will ultimately reduce variations in patient care and improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery." 

The Handbook contains information on how medicines are to be managed in the peri-operative period, a time when a patient is nil by mouth and often experiences interruption of medication regimens that are important for the treatment of other non-surgical comorbidities. It contains information pertaining to the risks and benefits of omitting, changing and continuing therapy during this period, and where possible how those risks can be managed. 

To request a copy of the handbook, please visit the UKCPA website.

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