Support for BMA symposium on patient care

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow welcomes the BMA's plans to host a symposium on patient care. The event offers an opportunity for everyone concerned about the future of patient care to come together to debate and discuss current challenges and identify ways to address these challenges in the long term.

We hope that the Secretary of State will accept the offer to attend the symposium and that meaningful discussion can take place between all those concerned about the quality and consistency of healthcare provided throughout the week.

Our College has previously outlined a number of areas that we believe needs to be addressed.  This includes safe staffing levels, a need to prioritise emergency care rather than extending the provision of elective care, better integration of health and social care, and a need to extend services, such as diagnostics, ambulance, and porters, across hospitals over the weekend.  We also need to be mindful and realistic about the resource available to deliver the best service to ensure the highest standards of patient care.  This symposium offers an opportunity to discuss these issues.

Details of the symposium and a link to the letter inviting the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, to attend can be found on the BMA's website

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