Urgent talks needed to prevent strike action

Earlier this week the British Medical Association announced plans for junior doctors to undertake industrial action in September, October, November and December, with each strike period running from 8am to 5pm over five days.

Professor Galloway said, “Patient welfare must come first. The proposed industrial action will have a significant impact both on our patients and the NHS, which is already under significant pressure due to a lack of resources and staff shortages. Throughout this long running dispute we have called on both sides to get together to find a solution and we reinforce this message.”

“The dispute poses a significant threat to our whole healthcare system by demoralising a group of staff on whom the future of the NHS depends. This damaging stand-off benefits no one and we encourage all parties to get back to the negotiating table and engage in an honest debate about the serious difficulties facing the health service so that a mutually acceptable solution can be found.”

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