Lister Research Prize 2016

The Research Prizes, valued £200,000 each, will be available from October 2016

The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, which is a registered charity established to support biomedical and related research, now invites applications from outstanding young researchers for its 2016 Research Prizes. The Institute seeks diversity amongst its Prize-winners - there is no stereotype of the ideal candidate - applicants may be working in university departments or research institutes, in any area of biomedical research, and be scientifically or medically trained. The Institute is pleased that over the years women have been well represented amongst its Prize-winners. However, what Prize-winners will have in common is the conduct of excellent research and the ability of the award to help establish or further their independent research careers. At least four awards will be made based on a number of criteria: the originality, and quality of the proposed research; the achievements of the applicant in the context of their own particular circumstances. Finally the beneficial impact that the Prize would have on the recipient's career taking account of their research environment and other funding will be an important criteria.

Prize Winners will receive £200,000, or equivalent Euros, which may be used in any appropriate way to support their research, other than the provision or augmentation of personal salary. However, the monies may be used to free the recipient from teaching or administrative duties by funding a replacement lecturer etc. Expenditure of the award may take place over a period of up to five years.

Candidates must have more than three and less than ten years' post-doctoral experience on 1 October 2016 and must have guaranteed employment for the first three years of the notional five years of the award in any not-for-profit institution (e.g. university, charity-funded institute or Research Council Unit). The bulk of the research must be conducted in the UK or Republic of Ireland but the awards are transferable between institutions in the UK and Ireland.

Terms and Conditions, downloadable application forms and 'how to apply' details are available from the Institute's website.

Any queries should be directed to the Institute's Administrator: Telephone/Fax: 01923 801886
Completed forms must be returned not later than Friday 4 December 2015.


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