Seminar in the Royal Faculty of Procurators Glasgow

Consent to Medical treatment - NM v Lanarkshire Health Board

Lauren Sutherland (Advocate, Ampersand Stable)
Thursday, 16 April 2015 (5.45pm-7.15pm)

On 18th March 2015 a bench of 7 of the Supreme Court (including the President and Deputy President) handed down the landmark decision in the case of Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board.

This case was heard in July 2014 and defines the legal test to be applied to Consent not just for Scotland but for the UK.

In the Supreme Court the Appellant sought to overturn the House of Lord's authority of Sidaway which has for many years been the benchmark to be applied in all consent cases. The Appellant also sought to argue that the Hunter v Hanley test of negligence should no longer apply to consent cases. Furthermore a new legal test on causation in consent cases was argued.

The speaker Lauren Sutherland Advocate of Ampersand Stable presented the first speech for the Appellant in the Inner House and was part of the team, which included as English QC, that went to the Supreme Court.

Venue: Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow, 12 Nelson Mandela Place, G2 1BT
Cost: £75.00
Booking: or 0141 332 3593

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