A smoke free generation by 2034

Comment from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
28 March 2013

Around one quarter of all deaths in Scotland each year are associated with tobacco use. Almost one quarter of the population smoke and tobacco-related illnesses are estimated to cost Scotland's health service more than £300million each year.

Tobacco use is one of Scotland's most significant public health challenges, but it is also the primary preventable cause of ill health and premature death. We welcome the Scottish Government's Tobacco Control Strategy, which has set an ambitious target of a smoke-free generation by 2034.

The target set out in the strategy is challenging and will not be achieved by one single measure. We welcome the multi-faceted approach requiring the support of government, the NHS, local authorities and communities outlined in the strategy.

By working to address health inequalities in Scotland, engaging in particular with children and young adults, and continuing to invest in prevention programmes, along with the other measures outlined in the strategy, Scotland will have the best chance of achieving its ambitious target of a smoke-free generation by 2034.

The strategy document can be downloaded here:

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