Academy of Medical Royal Colleges survey on Less Than Full Time working

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Flexible Careers Committee, which comprises representatives from Academy member organisations, seeks to promote a good work life balance for all doctors and specifically to support flexible training and less than full time training. As part of its current work programme the Committee has devised an electronic survey to identify if consultants, SAS doctors and trainees working less than full time (LTFT) are experiencing difficulties in working LTFT: if so how frequent are these difficulties, what type of difficulties are commonly encountered, and how (or if) they are resolved.

We also hope to review the additional responsibilities fulfilled by doctors, both FT and LTFT, to try to establish whether or not working LTFT currently restricts the ability to take on additional roles.

We hope to firstly identify, and subsequently quantify, important current issues for LTFT doctors so that we can advise all the Royal Colleges on how best to support their members.

To do this please complete this survey by clicking or copy this link to your web browser - it should only take a few minutes to complete

We are very grateful for your help in completing this survey. The results will be published on the AOMRC Flexible Careers Committee webpage, and will be shared with all the Royal Colleges so may also be reported or published in some of their journals.

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Public Affairs Manager

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