Top Tips for GDPs

Top Tips for GDPs

Top Tips for GDPs

Top Tips for GDPs

  • College is pleased to be able to offer once again our very successful Top Tips for GDPs.

    As previously, a range of topics will be introduced, based in primary care practice, to provide participants with new strategies to improve the quality of care for their patients, and address some of the challenging and stressful situations which arise in General Practice.

    These will be delivered through short presentations, each highlighting “tips” and take home messages for improving day to day work.

    A range of speakers from the dental profession will contribute, sharing established best practice from their respective fields.

    The conference is largely lecture based in format, but interaction and participation will be encouraged throughout.


    The day will be presented as a series of short presentations, addressing topics of particular relevance to those working in primary care dentistry. These will include tips on management of clinical situations, such as tooth wear, as well as managerial challenges including successful practice management and tips for working within the NHS regulations.


    1. Describe the factors to be considered in the assessment and restoration of a tooth wear case.
    2. List orthodontic options which are available in general practice, and cases which require specialist opinion/treatment.
    3. Name common pitfalls encountered by GDPs working with the SDR.
    4. Identify the rules and legislation which the GDP must be aware of, in relation to capacity and consent.
    5. State the role of the GDP in the management of patients taking bisphosphonates.
    6. Discuss ways of ensuring GDPs can maximise their day to day patient diaries
    7. Discuss restoration and treatment options of the missing tooth

    Development outcomes - A, B and D

    Suitable for:

    • Dental Care Professionals
    • Primary Care / General Dental Practitioners

CPD Credits

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