Glasgow Periprosthetic Infection Conference

Glasgow Periprosthetic Infection Conference

Glasgow Periprosthetic Infection Conference

Glasgow Periprosthetic Infection Conference

  • Our inaugural Periprosthetic Meeting has an internationally renowned faculty who will discuss all aspects of periprosthetic joint infection including basic sciences, diagnosis, clinical features and the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach.

    The Meeting consists of a series of lectures, panel discussions and clinical scenarios outlining the latest research and up to date consensus on managing this challenging clinical issue.

    Our Faculty;

    • Mr Drummond Mansbridge
    • Mr G. Patrick Ashcroft
    • Mr Jason Webb
    • Mr Jonathan Howell
    • Dr Pauline Wright
    • Dr Neil Ritchie
    • Professor Fares Haddad
    • Mr Sanjeev Patil
    • Mr Paul Gaston
    • Professor Steffen Breusch
    • Dr Hans Mau
    • Professor Dominic Meek
    • Mr Sheikh M Hussain

    Learning Objectives

    • epidemiology and basic science of periprosthetic infection
    • prevention of periprosthetic infection
    • recognise the indications of when periprosthetic infection occurs and diagnosis
    • the management of periprosthetic infection
    • a multidisciplinary team approach is mandatory
    • the importance of audit
    • research and future developments of management of periprosthetic infection

    Who should attend?

    • Consultant Orthopaedic surgeons
    • Orthopaedic trainees
    • Microbiology specialists
    • Infectious disease specialists
    • Arthroplasty nurse specialists
    • Arthroplasty physiotherapists

    Suitable for:

    • Medical Specialty Trainees
    • Medical Consultants
    • Surgical Specialty Trainees
    • Surgical Consultants

CPD Credits

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There are currently no upcoming dates for this event.


Rebecca Speirs
+44 (0) 141 241 6224

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