Mentorship Course

Mentorship Course

24 October 2019

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

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  • Access to the Mentorship Programme is open to College Fellows and Members who are seeking mentoring as their careers develop, perhaps when changing roles, with established, trained College mentors.

    As a mentor, you will play a key role within the College, supporting mentees in their professional development, as well as broadening your own mentoring skill-set and diversify your network of colleagues.

    All of our mentors are provided with mentorship training before being able to be matched with a suitable mentee.

    All of our mentors are required to complete the Mentor Training Course, which is offered to our members at a nominal cost for the three days of training. The course is also open to Non-Members.

    The training concentrates on the skills needed to be a successful mentor and is based upon a framework known to be of benefit in mentoring relationships. Over the course of a number of workshops and group sessions, participants present their own issues and opportunities; practicing the skills necessary to apply this framework effectively.

    The Mentor Training Course runs over 3 dates with a Refresher Day taking place in June.

    In order to become a Mentor, it is compulsory to attend all 3 dates:

    • Thursday 24th October 2019
    • Tuesday 26th November 2019
    • Wednesday 11th December 2019

    Suitable for:

    • Medical Student
    • Medical Foundation Trainees
    • Medical Core Trainees
    • Medical Specialty Trainees
    • SAS Grade Physicians
    • Medical Consultants
    • Other Physicians
    • Surgeons Outside the UK
    • Surgical Foundation Trainees
    • Surgical Core Trainees
    • Surgical Specialty Trainees
    • SAS Grade Surgeons
    • Surgical Consultants
    • Other Surgeons
    • Dental Care Professionals
    • Dental Foundation / Vocational / Core Trainees
    • Primary Care / General Dental Practitioners
    • Dental Specialty Trainees
    • Dental Specialists / Consultants
    • Travel Medicine Nurses
    • Travel Healthcare Professionals
    • Travel Medicine Doctors
    • Podiatric Students
    • Podiatrists
    • Specialist Podiatrists
    • Advanced Podiatrists and Consultants
  • Category Product Amount
    Member Registrations £75
    Non-Member Registrations £250
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow


Closing date: 23 October 2019


Rebecca Speirs
+44 (0) 141 241 6224

Email Coordinator

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