Making Life Work Better 2020

Making Life Work Better 2020

17 September 2020


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  • Delivered as an interactive, online conference - Making Life Work Better 2020 promises to be an impactful, enjoyable programme, which leaves attendees inspired to make and push for changes within their own organisations.

    Making Life Work Better 2020 is the third in a line of conferences continuing to address physician wellbeing. This year our focus will be on management and systems based solutions.

    The development of burnout, post trauma symptoms and mental illness, are increasingly recognised as hazards associated with working in the medical profession. In 2018, 1 in 4 trainees and 1 in 5 medical trainers reported features of burnout - GMC National Training Survey 2018. An inverse relationship exists between poor physician wellbeing, and positive patient outcomes - Caring for Doctors, Caring for Patients GMC Report 2018.

    Those demonstrating features of such are more likely to be involved in medical errors, leave the profession, demonstrate presenteeism, and require long term absences. The impact upon personal relationships is significant, with recently reported high profile completed suicides; driving deaths whilst fatigued; marital and social breakdown, and negative impacts upon collegiate teams. The financial implications for the National Health Service, are also worth noting, in addition to consequent recruitment and retention difficulties. 

    Topics will include: Improving Wellbeing in Primary Care, Difficult Conversations and Responding to Trauma.

    Suitable for:

    • SAS Grade Physicians
    • Medical Consultants
    • Other Physicians
    • Surgeons Outside the UK
    • Surgical Foundation Trainees
    • Surgical Core Trainees
    • Surgical Specialty Trainees
    • SAS Grade Surgeons
    • Surgical Consultants
    • Dental Care Professionals
    • Dentists Outside the UK
    • Dental Foundation / Vocational / Core Trainees
    • Primary Care / General Dental Practitioners
    • Dental Specialists / Consultants
    • Travel Medicine Nurses
    • Travel Healthcare Professionals
    • Travel Medicine Doctors
    • Podiatrists
    • Specialist Podiatrists
    • Advanced Podiatrists and Consultants
  • Category Product Amount
    Member Registrations £25
    Non-Member Registrations £40
  • Online

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Closing date: 17 September 2020


Laura McNally
+44 (0) 141 241 6225

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