Leadership for Senior Trainees and New Consultants

Leadership for Senior Trainees and New Consultants

10 March - 11 March 2020

Royal College of Physicans and Surgeons of Glasgow

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  • A leadership course delivered in partnership with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and management designed for senior trainees and new consultants.

    Promotion to the consultant grade brings some of the greatest leadership and management challenges for doctors. Their clinical skills training to that point is well developed with supervision and support readily available when more advanced skills are required. The same preparation and support is not generally available for leadership skills, the need for which clearly escalates with career progression.

    To guide doctors and help them and their employing organisations to benchmark leadership and management performance, FMLM has defined the UK Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals under four headings: self; team; corporate responsibilities; and system leadership. The first three domains are highly pertinent to senior trainees and new consultants and will underpin the design of this programme. An intense two day programme will allow participants to explore the fundamentals of self-awareness, personal leadership skills, and team working. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to gain insights from senior healthcare leaders.

    The style of delivery is participative, building in discussions based on pertinent issues and drawing on participants own experiences and challenges. In addition, there will be the opportunity to network with fellow delegates and senior healthcare personnel.

    Experienced Consultants Leadership Programme

    Suitable for:

    • Medical Specialty Trainees
    • SAS Grade Physicians
    • Medical Consultants
    • Surgical Specialty Trainees
    • SAS Grade Surgeons
    • Surgical Consultants
    • Dental Specialty Trainees
    • Dental Specialists / Consultants
    • Travel Healthcare Professionals
    • Travel Medicine Doctors
    • Specialist Podiatrists
    • Advanced Podiatrists and Consultants
  • 10 March

    Day 1 - registration, tea and cofee

    10 March

    Leadership and you

    10 March

    Day 1 - morning refreshment break

    10 March

    Leadership and you (continued)

    10 March

    Day 1 - lunch break

    10 March

    Team working

    10 March

    Day 1 - afternoon refreshment break

    10 March

    Team working (continued)

    10 March

    Day 1 - finish

    11 March

    Day 2 - registration, tea and coffee

    11 March

    Improving services

    11 March

    Day 2 - morning refreshment break

    11 March

    Organisation dynamics

    11 March

    Day 2 - lunch break

    11 March

    Power and influence

    11 March

    Day 2 - afternoon refreshment break

    11 March

    Conversations we avoid

    11 March

    Day 2 - finish
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  • Royal College of Physicans and Surgeons of Glasgow

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Closing date: 09 March 2020

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