Dental Webinars - Endodontic Access: Getting it right from the beginning

Dental Webinars - Endodontic Access: Getting it right from the beginning

19 March 2020


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  • Our series of monthly dental webinars focus on current topics of relevance to dental practitioners.

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    Shalini Kanagasingam


    Access cavity is arguably the most important technical stage in root canal preparation. Optimal access preparation can make the subsequent steps safer. Conversely, poor access and iatrogenic damage can result in failed root canal treatment.

    Learning objectives

    • Identify the common features in root canal anatomy and possible anomalies
    • Outline the basic principles for locating root canals in order to produce a good access cavity
    • Choose useful instruments/armamentarium to aid canal orifice location
    • Discuss the prevention and management of common errors and pitfalls in access cavity preparation

    Suitable for:

    • Dental Care Professionals
    • Dental Undergraduates
    • Dentists Outside the UK
    • Dental Foundation / Vocational / Core Trainees
    • Dental Specialty Trainees
  • 19 March

    Endodontic Access: Getting it Right from the Beginning

    Shalini Kanagasingam

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