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All of our symposia and courses are CPD-approved. We continually strive to offer an improved CPD service. We would welcome your suggestions for additional CPD events, please contact

All dentists must maintain their own CPD records and must submit to the GDC an annual statement of the CPD hours they have completed each year. The College offers free to its members an online CPD Portfolio for recording your CPD activities.


All dentists are required to undertake 250 hours of CPD over a five-year period as a condition of retention on the Dentists' Register. The scheme is run by the General Dental Council and details can be obtained at the GDC website

At least 75 of these 250 hours must be spent undertaking verifiable CPD. The remainder can be general CPD. To count as verifiable CPD, an activity must have: concise educational aims and objectives; clear anticipated outcomes; quality controls (i.e. you should be given the opportunity to give feedback); and you must obtain and keep documentary proof (e.g. a certificate) of your attendance/participation from an appropriate third party (e.g. the activity provider/organiser). General CPD activities are those which contribute to your professional development as a dentist, but do not meet all of the criteria (above) for verifiable CPD. Examples might include journal reading and private study.

The GDC expect all dentists to carry out verifiable CPD in three core recommended subjects from the beginning of their next five-year CPD cycle. The recommended core subjects and suggested minimum number of verifiable hours per CPD cycle are:

  • medical emergencies (at least 10 hours per CPD cycle)
  • disinfection and decontamination (at least 5 hours per CPD cycle)
  • radiography and radiation protection (at least 5 hours per CPD cycle)

In addition the GDC recommends that dentists working in a clinical environment carry out CPD (verifiable or general) to make sure they are up-to-date in legal and ethical issues and in handling complaints.

Registered dentists studying medicine

Special arrangements apply to registered dentists, engaged in an undergraduate course in medicine and pursuing a career in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or in Oral Medicine. Such an individual may submit aspects of the medical course as part of verifiable CPD provided the content could reasonably be expected to advance his or her professional development as a dentist. Furthermore, a medical undergraduate may submit evidence of having attended appropriately registered courses in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or Oral Medicine, as part of verifiable CPD, provided the content could reasonably be expected to advance his or her professional development within his or her own area of specialised dental practice.


Having a programme endorsed by the College shows that it meets the same rigorous internal quality assurance processes as courses within the College’s educational provision. By having your course endorsed, you will receive the below benefits:

  • Assurance for prospective attendees that the course meets our exacting quality standards
  • Use the College logo on the marketing materials for the endorsed course
  • Use “endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow” on course material
  • In addition to endorsing the course we can provide certificates of attendance (either hard copy or electronically

Applicants should use the below forms to apply for endorsement and send all documentation to

The College will endeavour to respond to all applications within two weeks of receiving them.

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