Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

The aim of the College is to provide ongoing career support to members through education, training, professional development, examinations and assessment.

You can help to maintain and further develop the aims, success and reputation of the College by choosing to leave a gift in your Will or Codicil.

Past legacies have enabled College to support a range of projects in education and research.

If you wish, your legacy can be used in a particular area of health care or you can leave an unspecified gift to allow the College to direct funds to areas of particular need or priority.

Types of legacy

The most common are described below;

A share of your estate

This type of gift (known as a residual bequest) is easy to add to an existing Will or Codicil without interfering with any specific sums you have left to family or friends. It also has the advantage that it will not be eroded in value by inflation over the years.

A fixed sum of money

This type of gift is also known as a pecuniary bequest. It is wise to remember that the value of money changes over the years and you may need to alter your will periodically if you wish to keep up with inflation.

A specific item of value

Known as a specific bequest, if you wish to leave us a particular item e.g. an antique it can be added to the College′s heritage collection or if you wish be sold to support the college financially.

Donations in memory

You may wish to specify that if friends and family make a donation in your memory that it should be to the College.

If you would like to leave a gift to the college please talk to your solicitor about including us in your Will or Codicil.

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