Fergus Hewitt Cup

Fergus Hewitt Cup

The Fergus Hewat cup is an annual golf competition, between retired Glasgow Fellows and Edinburgh Fellows of the Scottish Medical Colleges.

Dr Fergus Hewat clinic RIE 1949(courtesy RSM)
Dr Fergus Hewat's clinic RIE 1949 (courtesy RSM)

In 1995, Professor Sir Donald Campbell, the then immediate Past President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow came across a silver cup in a storeroom in the College. The cup had been awarded to Capt A. Fergus Hewat in 1916 after a golf match at Netley near Southampton, where he had been serving in the RAMC. Andrew Fergus Hewat (1884-1957) was schooled at the Edinburgh Academy and graduated from Edinburgh University MB ChB in 1907. He gained MRCP Ed in 1911 and was elected to the Fellowship in 1914, later serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps from 1915 to 1918. He was appointed full physician at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1936, a position he held until his retirement in 1947. He and his team were of the old school, dedicated to good sound traditional bedside teaching of clinical medicine. Not surprisingly he was elected President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh from 1943-1945. Very much an Edinburgh man, his paternal grandfather being credited with the introduction of the daily firing of the one o'clock gun from Edinburgh Castle.

Andrew Fergus Hewat was elected a Fellow of the Royal Faculty (now College) of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 1935 where his grandfather, Andrew Fergus, had been President in 1874-77, his uncle Freeland in 1918-21 and his uncle John in 1929-31. The relationship between the Fergus family and the Scottish Royal Colleges can be found in an excellent article written for the Scottish Medical Journal by Sir David Mason and James Beaton.

 Jake Davidson and George Beveridge
Jake Davidson and George Beveridge

After discussion with George Beveridge, Jake Davidson and Fletcher Deane, the Glasgow College suggested that the military cup should be competed for in some way. When the proposal was put to the Edinburgh Royal Colleges′ Golf Club, it was received with enthusiasm. Thus arose the Fergus Hewat cup, now a welcome addition to the Retired Medical Golf Tour.

Match Results

Date Location Result Report
2015 Bruntsfield GC Edinburgh 6-2 View Report
2014 Killermont GC Glasgow 41/2-31/2 View Report
2013 Bruntsfield GC Glasgow 51/2-31/2 View Report
2012 Killermont GC Glasgow 5-3 View Report
2011 Bruntsfield GC Glasgow 6-2 View Report
2010 Killermont GC Edinburgh 5-3 View Report
2009 Bruntsfield GC Edinburgh 5-3 View Report
2008 Killermont GC Glasgow 5-3 View Report
2007 Bruntsfield GC Edinburgh 6-2 View Report
2006 Killermont GC Glasgow 6-5 View Report
2005 Bruntsfield GC Edinburgh 5-3
2004 Bruntsfield GC Rained Off View Report
2003 Killermont GC Edinburgh 4-3
2002 Bruntsfield GC Glasgow 4-2 View Report
2001 Buchanan Castle GC Glasgow 7-2 View Report
2000 Luffness GC Glasgow 3-3 View Report
1999 Pollok GC Glasgow 6-5 View Report
1998 Royal Burgess, Barnton Glasgow 3-2 View Report
1997 Prestwick Match Drawn View Report

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