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The Season of Good Wellbeing

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The Season of Good Wellbeing

In December 2019, we ran a Season of Good Wellbeing campaign to bring positive wellbeing messages to our members and friends.
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Tam Begbie is a Navigator National Coordinator. In this video, Tam concentrates on kindness.
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After a very busy post-take ward round we went as a team for a quick coffee in the hospital. It was amazing how much 20 minutes of socialising improved our weekend and made us feel like a team!
- Dr Iona Gilmour


Dr Hilary Wilson is a Consultant Rheumatologist and a member of our College Council.
She’s shared this photo of her late father, Mr Ian Kerr (1929-2018), who was a Consultant Surgeon and Fellow of the College. He believed that ‘Connecting with nature calms the mind’.


Always have something planned to look forward to. Try to have the next holiday booked so you’ve always got something nice to think about when work seems to take over
- Professor Peter Brennan


Dr Cicely Cunningham is a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow. In this video, Cicely reflects on what helps most to improve your state of mind at work.
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Make sure you have time off to recharge batteries and have an interest outside Medicine. I have a rule - 'no one ever thanks you for not taking holidays!' So take them.
- Dr Richard Hull


Be kind, be civil; saying please, thank you, sorry and listening will change the way your entire team acts and feels.
- Mr Simon Fleming


Dr Hilary Wilson is a Consultant Rheumatologist and a member of our College Council. At Glasgow Royal Infirmary's 'therapet' day, she brought in her dog Kipper to meet attendees. This not only brought great joy to the patients but the positive effect on the staff members was clear to see.


Medicine is a great job and a huge privilege. If you hold onto that and your values, then you can get through anything work throws at you.
- Dr Arrianne Laws


Dr Cicely Cunningham is a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow. In this video, Cicely gives wellbeing advice to a new doctor starting work.
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Some colleagues and I did the Santa Dash for the Beatson Charity! I was a good way to do a team activity and get everyone together as it’s changeover time. Our run team included FYs, CTs and STs in Surgery.
- Dr Sarika Nalagatla


Our Clinical Director praised trainees and thanked the group for their positive attitude and efforts to bring about change and improvement. It shifted the focus from lots of challenges. It didn't take much to say 'thank you and well done' and can make someone's day to hear it.
- Dr Kaitlin Mayne


This is a photo of ward B32 in Forth Valley Royal Hospital enjoying cake Friday. A weekly event where we take turns to bake for each other and make our day. I would recommend for any ward.
- Dr Jennifer Cathcart


During a very busy receiving shift as a CMT, the consultant took my pager whilst I looked after a very unwell patient so I was better able to concentrate. It made a difference to patient care and my confidence - I was being trusted but in a supported environment.
- Dr Ruth Yates


At my current job, there are enthusiastic consultants who are very welcoming and encourage all staff to come for a fun, relaxed run once a week. It helped me exercise when I wouldn't otherwise have done so. Even just a short run makes a massive difference to my happiness.
- Dr Amy Bryan


Our Honorary Librarian Dr Morven McElroy has written a blog on spaces available in the College for you to enjoy and access.
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Dr Christine Goodall is a Senior Clinical Lecturer (Honorary Consultant) Oral Surgery. Here is a video from her department on joy at work.
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Our Trainees’ Committee Vice-Chair Dr Jack Fairweather has written a blog on what improves his wellbeing at work.
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We complain about work every day, but remember we are surrounded by ill patients, many of whom cannot work even though they desperately want to, let us be thankful that we are physically able to work
- Dr Jennifer Tham


Our Honorary Librarian Dr Morven McElroy has written a blog on the feel good factor about a choir.
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There are people all around us who are less fortunate. Try and see the world through their experience as much as possible.
- Dr David Caesar


What we mustn’t give up is our own personal or family time to a new role. Saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else.
- Dr Alastair Ireland


Have your voice heard and play a key role in influencing decisions and ensuring cultures characterised by justice and fairness.
- Professor Michael West


When I receive a thank you note from a patient, it gives me a warm feeling inside of doing something well. It is not necessary but well-received. We, as doctors, often forget to give thanks and praise to those with whom we work.
- Dr Richard Hull


Today’s final Season of Good Wellbeing message is by our President Professor Jackie Taylor.
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